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My Journey

JAG London – The Brand

JAG London – The Brand JAG London stems from my love of style, and a passion for quality. I am always working towards designing swimwear that makes you look and feel great, no matter your age. "Style isn"t defined by age". I grew up immersed in fashion as my mother and father were in the industry. My mother is a very skilled seamstress, and she taught me to sew from a very young age. I eventually went on to design and make clothes for myself, which I loved (with my mother’s help, of course). I helped my parents from as little as little as age 8, cutting labels for the garments, through to when I was older working alongside my father during the summer holidays, going to the factories and to the seamstresses. My parents have always had a strong work ethic, working long hours, which was embedded into me. Coming from an Indian background, we were pushed towards professions like law and medicine. I was very artistic as well as being good at science and my chosen career at the time was in pharmaceuticals. The luxury swimwear idea came to me while I was holidaying on the French Riviera with my family. My daughter’s idea of a mother- daughter swimwear range evolved into a luxury women’s swimwear and accessories range. This the initial spark has now brought me full circle back to the passion I grew up with.

Why Customers Choose Us

Heart and sole of fashion

We take time over each design to sample and tweak until we are 100% happy, no matter how long it takes. This is our brand value to choose the best quality material and high standard of fitting. All swimwear is manufactured in Europe from high quality materials by a company with the high standards. Every garment has had comprehensive quality control checks before being released.