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Hawaii Navy Frill Bikini Bottom

£49.00 GBP £38.00 GBP


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Inspired by the relaxed Hawaii vibe and the flower garlands, the Hawaii frilled bikini is that simple, pretty, and elegant bikini that is a versatile to look great at the beach, pool side, beach party and the spa.  The simple but beautiful style is timeless.  Made from the finest Italian fabric and softest lining, you will feel like this bikini is part of you.


The Hawaii Bikini has ties on the side to allow you to adjust to suit you.  Super soft fabric with a clean finish so no digging in.  Beautiful fit with a wide Brazilian cut, giving you an amazing flattering fit.

Key features

Adjustable bottoms

Removable cups

Soft lining 

Durable fabric

Chlorine resistant fabric

Soft fabric

Beautiful fit

High quality fabric

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