Why pop up shops are the future for retail and new brands


To pop up or not to pop up.


Over recent years pop up shops have become increasingly popular.  These particular types of stores are taking over the retail world and rethinking traditional brick-and-mortar and big-box stores, but what exactly is a shop that ‘pops up’?

Pop up shops were Introduced as early as the 1990s in large urban cities such as London, Los AngelesTokyo and New York City, pop-up shops and pop-up shops are temporary retail spaces that sell merchandise of any kind.


Nearly every consumer product has been sold via a pop-up shop at one point in time. From art to fashion to tech gadgets and food, pop-up stores are exciting because they create short-term stores that are as creative as they are engaging. And, they come in all shapes and sizes.


What does it mean for customers?


Pop up stores are much more engaging than traditional stores, as they provide customers with a better more personalised experience.  They have very unique eye-catching designs to encourage consumers to come and have a look.  Some also provide entertainment and drinks to give you that better customer shopping experience.  This is actually what the new consumer wants, not just a shopping trip but a fun experience.  This is now one of the only ways to get consumers to buy in stores rather than just online.


What are the benefits to the retailer? - Business insider



The strategy of opening a temporary store appears to be successful, as 80% of global retail companies that have opened a pop-up store said it was successful and 58% are likely to use the tactic again, according to a survey from Storefront.

Retail companies have found success by using pop-ups to build awareness and interest in their brands and products.


  • Retailers' most popular reasons for opening pop-ups are all about growing buzz and awareness of their brands and offerings.
  • Nearly 66% of respondents have stated increasing brand awareness as a reason why they launched a pop-up, making it the most common selection. The next two top-selected reasons were connecting with customers (63%) and introducing a new product or brand (46%). Pop-ups are a strong choice for building awareness and reaching consumers, as they stand out and can grab their attention. 
  • Pop-ups have been most successful at boosting visibility, sales, and social media engagement. The most popular results from pop-ups — respondents picked their top three options — were improved market visibility (51%), increased sales (46%), and more social media engagement (46%).


So… to pop up or not to pop up.


It is clear that pop ups are growing in popularity.  For new businesses and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, pop up stores are a great opportunity to show case your product, especially in the fashion industry, where people want to try before they buy.  It greatly helps get exposure to the brand and it provides different channel to ecommerce. 

For JAG London pop ups are definitely a fun and engaging way to show customers the quality of our swimwear and soon beachwear. We also love to talk to our customers and get feedback and help in any way we can.

We have a pop-up shop at 33 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden from 17th July to 21st August.  You will have an amazing experience whilst shopping at the summer pop up, please come visit us.  We will also be hosting a VIP event.. please keep a close watch on our Instagram page @jaglondon_beachwear and Facebook page @JAGLONDONbeachwear for further details and how to enter.  We have limited spaces.