At JAG London we enjoy all things luxury, and luxury travelling is top of our list! We’ve compiled our top 10 list of the most luxurious destinations to definitely visit in your lifetime! 

The Pikaia Lodge in Ecuador has been designed for the environmentally conscious, physically active and adventurous traveller. A weeks stay in The Pikaia Lodge in the Gallapagos Islands will set you back around £7000 per person but will be an experience you will never forget. Just by taking a stroll from the lodge you can come face to face with a wild giant tortoise. If you have children, don’t worry…the lodge has activities for them too! 

Pikaia Lodge, The Galapagos

British Virgin Islands – Hidden lagoons and unspoiled beaches await you at the British Virgin Islands. Why not take a look at Peter Island, Guana Island and Necker Island for the ultimate in luxury. If scuba diving is your thing, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Check of countless dive sites on your list from towering reefs of healthy coral, underwater caves, tunnels and extraordinary shipwrecks! The pristine turquoise waters, lovely air temperatures year round and unforgettable underwater scenery means there’s something for everything. 

Bora Bora – With few flights to Bora Bora and the average weekly cost of a holiday there being £10,000, it really is an exclusive holiday destination. Stay in an idyllic cabin over the crystal-clear waters and simply sit back and let the world go by…With no public transport, visitors get around by rental car, bicycle or small, two-seater buggies which are available for hire. An activity not to be missed is the manta rays in Anau!

St Tropez, France – Head to St Tropez to sit in some of the most expensive restaurants in Europe and watch people come and go in their yachts into the docks. Great for singles and families alike, St Tropez’s laid back glamour is what attracts so many tourists each year, where's better to wear the St Tropex halter neck swimsuit than in St Tropez itself?

The Bahamas – Home to the clearest water on the planet, and over 700 beautiful islands, The Bahamas is a must visit. Check out The Bahama Beach Club & Fowl Cay Resort

Chalet Zermatt Peak, Zermatt, Switzerland – For the skiers among you, escape to this stunning five-star chalet with five of your friends. Fully equipped with a Michelin-starred gourmet chef whipping up gorgeous apres-ski meals, and two in-house massages per day. Prices start at around £40,000 per week

Chalet Zermatt

North Island, Seychelles – A promise of pampered privacy in a magical Indian Ocean setting. A holiday here guarantees a highly personalised service, with two staff to every guest and a ‘no-menu’ policy meaning all meals are cooked to order based on a questionnaire filled in prior to your arrival. Simply stunning and the perfect place to flaunt the Maya Bay collection

Cayo Espanto, Belize – A short ride from the mainland, this tiny island offers serious luxury and pampering. A personal chef, a dive master, butler and the entire staff out on the dock to greet you when you arrive. Prices start around £1100 per night. Pack your bandeau bikini and stroll the beaches

Wilderness Safaris, Bistate Lodge, Rwanda – Sitting directly next to Rwanda’s Volcano National Park, the lodges offer a perfectly secluded location. Guests have access to daily activities including; guided hikes and nature walks, as well as encounters with native gorillas, golden monkeys and elephants

Royal Suite, Burj al Arab, Dubai – Often referred to as the most expensive hotel. The Royal Suites on the 25th floor have two master bedrooms, each with their own Jacuzzi, decked out in marble and gold with a grand suitcase leading to the upper levels