Like many other people, I had always wanted to set up my own business. So many questions floated through my head, ‘how would I do it?’, ‘What do I need to start?’, ‘Can I do it?’, and the biggest…’What if I fail?’. These pressing questions remained in my head for months before I made the leap.

My mother and father both had their own business, but despite this knowledge of how running your own business can be a great success, I was always pushed towards working within a scientific profession.

I had always had a desire to help other people, or to be part of something amazing like discovering the cure to cancer! But after a few years of living in a white lab coat, my career turned to working in the marketing branch of pharmaceutical companies.

Although I no longer worked behind the scenes, I was able to still have my input on life saving medication, and the ability to work with patient groups (which I loved).
Being part of winning corporate awards for making change in healthcare will always be an amazing part of my life!

After years of working in the pharmaceutical world, feeling I was helping patients, the corporate environment began to change drastically, and my life became a world of red tape and budgets.

My love and passion for science and helping people remained but my working life had turned its way to reports and finance, pushing me to finally decide to make a career change.

But in fact, this change was just me going full circle back to a love I had always had. As I mentioned, my father had his own business, within the fashion world. He had a team of seamstresses, with my mother as a top seamstress.

I always had a love of design and was making clothes for my dolls from a very young age.

This is where the idea for JAG London began. It involved a lot of research and a big learning curve which I am still climbing. I am learning from my mistakes, which I believe should be embraced to better yourself in the future. Always understanding that mistakes are part of business and life, and to get through them you need to have passion and the drive to work hard to succeed.

I have loved every part of the journey to start my own business. What has always been important for me, and therefore something that needed to be a key driver for JAG London, is corporate responsibility. My mission from the start was to help others, and this has been built into JAG London’s mission values.

We have decided to make a 10% contribution on all sales of adult swimwear, to an amazing Cancer Research charity, The Eve Appeal.

The Eve Appeal is the only UK national charity raising awareness and funding research into the five gynaecological cancers – ovarian, womb, cervical, vaginal and vulval.

Supporting this amazing charity allows me to work towards my aim in life of helping others and making a contribution to finding a cure.

Losing an amazing person to cancer is something which is close to my heart, and maybe close to yours too and so the opportunity to prevent this happening in the future, even just to one person, was a true inspiration.