Croatia has been gaining in popularity for tourists as a great hot-spot over the past few years. Last summer my family and I decided to cruise Croatia to see what all the fuss was about, and we were not disappointed!




Our first night was spent in Split, my first experience of Croatia and the second largest city.

Before going to Croatia, I had read that Split was a beautifully preserved Roman city, once home to thousands, whose sprawling remains included more than 200 buildings now scattered throughout the town, leaving grand architecture blending seamlessly with the modern day.

The town is full of beautifully narrow cobbled streets that we explored on our first evening. We delved into the quaint boutiques that lined the streets full of sweets, art and ice cream stands all winding through to the square, surrounded by restaurants and cafes.

We ventured further through the alleys, finally entering the port where the atmosphere changed to one that was bustling and vibrant, full of people enjoying a relaxed chat and a drink.




Trogir was next on our adventure list, and I couldn’t wait to explore. Trogir’s beautifully preserved ‘old town’, a gorgeous medieval village with a mix of renaissance, baroque and Romanesque buildings, lies on a small island linked by a bridge to the mainland. Many intact and beautiful buildings remain from the 13th to 15th centuries, enabling them to earn a World Heritage status in 1997.

Vibrant in the evenings, people gravitate towards the wide seaside promenade, lined with bars, restaurants and cafes.


We spent our days swimming the sea, and relaxing and enjoying the great sea food on offer. Croatia provides the perfect place to wind down and enjoy the gorgeous views that surround you.




Brac is a gorgeous island not far from Split, but despite its proximity, it is much less focussed on tourism. We didn’t see rows of yachts pulling up in the harbour, or famous people strolling the streets, allowing us to gain an authentic look into local life.

Bracs beaches were pebbled, (and despite being a sandy beach type of person!) they were gorgeous, clean and idyllic, surrounded by clear blue waters that the kids loved to play in while we relaxed and enjoyed a much-deserved ice cream, after all…that’s what holidays are all about


Game of Thrones

Super fans will know that a lot of Game of Thrones was filmed in Croatia, from Splits Diocletian’s Palace to Trogirs waterways, and many places in between. Croatia’s stunning architecture allows for a perfect portal to times long passed.


Despite only being 2-and-a-half hours away from the rain shores of England, Croatia is one of Europe’s sunniest spots, making it perfect for sun seekers. Visitors can expect 12 hours of sunshine a day in May and June, and 13 in July and August! On top of all of this, the exchange rate for the Croatian kuna remains good (£1 : KN8.44), meaning you’ll get more for your money!


Keep an eye out for the second part of my Croatian journey!