The Story : Full circle

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought my life would come full circle. Growing up I was emerged in fashion, as my mother and father were in the clothing industry. My mother is a very good seamstress, from whom I learnt to sew at a very young age, watching my mother and eventually designing and making clothes for my dolls and myself (with my mother’s help of course).


My parents have always had a strong work ethic, always working long hours. However my parents wanted me to study and go to university. Coming from an Indian background we were pushed towards professions like law and medicine. I was very artistic but also good at science so my chosen career at the time was a science based one, which lead me to working in pharmaceutical marketing roles. Where I spent many years in a corporate environment.


I have always had a love for fashion so here I am back into a passion I grew up in…. With a love for design and fashion….I know how important it is that your clothes make you feel good. So for me quality, instilled by my parents, and a garment that fits to make you look good is my number one priority.


I hope you enjoy wearing JAG London products. Look good and feel great.

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